1) Bus

Bus service is most popular public service in Temerloh District. There are 3 companies that run bus operations at 2 major terminals in Temerloh Town area and Mentakab town. Temerloh bus terminal provide express bus service and also ordinary bus.

Most bus companies offer services that start from 6.00 o’clock in the morning and ends at 6.00 o'clock in the evenings. Among the bus company are Pahang South Union Sdn Bhd, Syarikat Bas Tanjung Keramat and also Syarikat Bas Haji Awang. 

For Pahang South Union Sdn Bhd bus company, service offered is from Bentong to Temerloh. This company has 46 buses where the bus frequency is 30 minutes to 45 minutes and a journey of 22 trips. 

For Syarikat Bas Tanjung Keramat there are7 identified route where there are 27 buses provided. The service started at 6.00 o'clock in the morning – 6.00 evenings. All this bus service will retire at Temerloh Bus Station except for journey to Kurun and Mayam. 

2) Train Service

This service gives alternative of cargo and passenger haulage in study area. There is a master station located Mentakab Town and 3 small stations in Sungai Belenggu, Kerdau and Kuala Krau. 

3) Taxi Service

Taxi service terminal is at Temerloh Town center. The terminal in Temerloh Town is integrated with bus terminal. Taxi service offered cover in and out of Temerloh District. Whereas city taxi service offered is in the Temerloh vicinity and Mentakab.

4) Water Transport 

Water transport provides service to villagers along Sungai Semantan and Sungai Pahang. There is a jetty for embark and disembark passenger in TemerlohTown and also in Kuala Krau.