Background of Temerloh Municipal Council


1) Introduction of Local Autority

Local Authority (PBT) or more in acquaint as local government is third stage government where first stage government is Persekutuan's Government and Negeri's Government also make second stage government in system country ' administration.

PBT is a governing body behave autonomy where exist him freedom in decide. For example PBT collect financial yield own and spend follow the procedure which has been prescribed. In Malaysia there were 3 form PBT viz :

Majlis Daerah

Majlis Perbandaran

Majlis Bandaraya

PBT adopt the concept delegation viz where representative fromlocal stay inside PBT as Council Member and help make policiesthrough the method which has been in fix.

2) Background of Temerloh Municipal Council

Temerloh Municipal Council (MPT) get status now on 15th of January 1997. Before that it titled Majlis Daerah Temerloh (MDT) from by the date 1st of July 1981. Then MDT is result of the combined 4 existing local council in Temerloh viz :

Majlis Bandaran Temerloh Dan Mentakab

Majlis Tempatan Kuala Krau

Majlis Tempatan Kerdau

Majlis Tempatan Lanchang

This is government decision that the proposed by Suruhanjaya Athinahappan suggest restructuring all PBT. When MDT's administration, President is hold by District Officer Of Temerloh. After through change and progress, MDT had applied to the state government and further to the Government Persekutuan to be upgraded to Majlis Perbandaran Temerloh.

3) Administrative Area

MPT's area pided into 2: operation control and control area. Operation area am being imposed assessment tax and pay service.

Control area is not imposed assessment tax and not give service but impose control on the proposal construction activity.

Wide Temerloh District - 2251km square

Wide Control area - 365 sq km

Wide Operation area - 156 sq km

(Temerloh's Position Inside Pahang's State Map)

Control area have been gazetted to MPT complies Pelan Warta PW 3223 is 1442 sq km but MPT only take 365 km square as control area.