Objective Policy of Planning Department Quality

"We strive for our customer satisfaction by providing quality and valuable service in accordance with the motto of the Department of Town Planning – PLANNING IS TRUST"

In fulfilling this Quality Policy, we practice Comprehensive Quality Management with the following objectives:-

  • Adopting the practice of 'bottom-up planning' in our efforts to produce functional and practical planning.
  • To ensure a balanced planning to create a comfortable and attractive life.
  • To plan and encourage development towards creating Temerloh as a Semi Territory Growth Centre.
  • To ensure development implemented is in line with Temerloh Municipal Council policies.
  • To fulfil the needs of Structure Plan and Local Plan.


Customer Charter of the  Department of Planning

  • We will approve applications for outline plans within 3 months with the condition that the applications complete with documents.
  • The review of applications for policy change will be submitted to the Land and Mines Office within 1 month.
  • The review of applications to break boundaries, divide and combine land will be done within 1 month and submitted to the District Land Office.
  • All planning reviews required by external and internal departments will be submitted within 2 weeks.
  • Managing land-use, traffic and public transport plans in a planned and organized way as specified in the Structure Plan and Local Plan.
  • Presenting planning and building control information in Temerloh Municipal Council's area to the public.
  • Implementing Local Agenda 21 programme.