Objective Policy of the Community Service Department

Division Quality

"We are committed to provide high quality, effective and accurate service starting at the lowest level which fulfils the standard of professionalism as well as able to fulfil the satisfaction of our customers".
  • To ensure that solid waste are collected and disposed within the following period :
    • Residential Premises – collection of 3 times per week
    • Business Premises – daily collections
    • Flats, Apartments and High-rise Apartments – daily collection
    • Government Institutions/Schools – daily collections
  • To ensure the grass-cutting twice a month.
  • To ensure the cleaning of drains are performed according to the following:
  • Within the town limits and business premises – daily
  • Residential areas – once a week
  • To ensure that the clean-up for Night Markets and Pekan Sehari (Day Markets) areas are done on the same day of the event.
  • To ensure that complaints from the public are attended to within 2 days.

Client Charter for the Community Service Department

  • Performing fogging activities within 24 hours after being notified by the Department of Health provided conditions are suitable and repetitions fogging within 7 days after the first fogging if there are no new cases.
  • Conducting investigations on public complaints pertaining to aspects of vector control within 2 days of the receipt of complaints and to send feedback within 7 days of the completion of the investigation.
  • Ensuring that garbage collection are performed according to contract specifications:
    • Garbage collection from residential premises/residential area is done 3 times per week.
    • Garbage collection from business premises is done daily.
    • Clean-up of Night Markets and Pekan Sehari (Day markets) location is done on the same day of the event.
    • Perform clean-up of drains on a daily basis in business areas and once a week in residential areas.
  • To investigate public complaints related to cleanliness of the environment within 2 days from the receipt of the complaint and sending feedback within 7 days after taking action.