Clean, Green, Sustainable


Committed & dedicated in providing consistent service

Shared Values

1) Wise

Constantly strive to discharge duties and responsibilities firmly and responsibly according to knowledge and skills, and with a high level of professionalism. To make careful consideration in any action taken as well as to make rational decisions based on specific facts and taking into consideration the interests of the organisation, service and nation.

2) Disciplined

Constantly practising personal and behaviour control based on the law, regulations, principles and values. Discharging duties and responsibilities diligently and obediently without supervision and always protecting personal, the organisation, service and the Nation's images in the eyes of the community.

3) Fair

Always strive to be fair and equitable in all actions and decisions based on the law, regulations, priorities and complete and accurate facts. Evaluation on any action or decision is made objectively and analytically by using the correct method as well as satisfying all parties involved.

4) Trust

To carry our duties with full commitment, dedication and sense of responsibility in line with promises sworn.

5) Teamwork

Have a sense of belonging, cooperation, compromise, consensus and esprit de corps to achieve the organisation's vision and mission.

6) Accountability

Have a sense of responsibility and accountability in all actions and behaviour.

7) Transparent

Always positive and open by producing work procedure and implementing actions that are transparent and comprehensive as well as completing work within the stipulated time. Strives to provide information, actions and decision taken to the entitled parties as long as it is not in conflict with the laws and regulations.

8) Integrity

Implement duties entrusted and authority given honestly and equitably. Serve with full commitment and responsibility as well as complete and durable.