1. Assessment Tax bills are issued no later than the second week of January and July every year.
  2. Every completed licence applications will be processed and approved in a month.
  3. All complaints will be investigated and actions taken in 72 hours.
  4. All matters related to applications for privatisation will be resolved in 4 months.
  5. All premises selling food will be checked twice a year to determine the level of cleanliness.
  6. An effort to make Temerloh a greener and attractive view through tree-planting programmes and activities of no less than 5000 trees annually.
  7. All completed applications for Building Plans will be approved in a week.
  8. All completed applications for the Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy will be approved in 14 days.
  9. All counter business will be attended within three minutes.
  10. Ensuring the collection of garbage and solid waste are done as follows:-
    • Garbage collection at residential premise and residential areas is done 3 times a week.
    • Garbage collection at business premises is done every day.
    • Clean-up of Night Markets and Pekan Sehari is done on the same day after conclusion of business
  11. Completed applications for Outline Plans will be approved in 3 months provided documents are complete.
  12. All applications for Council's facilities will be approved and applicants informed in a week.
Last Updated: Thursday, 30 June 2022 - 5:02pm